Weed Seeds India is a collective of individuals who’s purpose is to shed light upon the holy herb Marijuana or “Ganja”. We wish for our fellow Indians to be able to find and enjoy the legendary cannabis strains that most Westerners get to enjoy. We aim to offer to the country strains like Purple Haze, White Widow, Blueberry, OG Kush, Lowryder + more.

Why Do We Do This?
In India, you will find that weed grows wild just about everywhere. As great as this sounds, it can also be a bad thing. Most weed that grows out in the wild comes from plain, not so potent strains of cannabis that have just been left there to grow unmanaged. This means that the flavour, strength and yield of these marijuana plants are not optimised. You could however in turn look after these wild growing pot plants but yield is the only thing you may be able to enhance.

You want to enhance the strength and flavour of your marijuana buds as that is what keeps you and everyone that tastes your weed coming back for more. Plus who doesn’t want to have the best marijuana strain in the village?

Free Shipping
When you order kush seeds from our cannabis seedbank india, we will send to you free of charge. This is courtesy of our love for marijuana. We wish to give everyone equal access to our wonderful strains that will will surely leave you trembling for more.