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Weed Seeds India delivers in stealth packaging powered by a money-back guarantee to protect your purchase. We also give free delivery worldwide.

Why Buy Marijuana Seeds India?

Marijuana Seeds India
Premium Haze Cannabis Strain

Not only do our marijuana strains come from reputable growers and strain breeders but we also have the rarest strains available online. Weed Seeds India offers high quality, rare dutch coffeeshop marijuana seeds at affordable prices. We stock everything from OG Kush, Blueberry, Purple Haze, Train Wreck, Girl Scout Cookies, Gold Leaf, Green Crack, Crystal and more..

How are my marijuana seeds packaged?

Your cannabis seeds will be sent in a strong, padded envelope. No indication to cannabis or even seeds is made on the outside or inside of the packaging. We use various sender addresses and don’t use packaging that contains branding. Inside the envelope you will find an item that contains your seeds.

Marijuana Seeds India Promise

We offer a huge range of versatile marijuana strains in our online cannabis seedbank. We also free grow books and support to guide you through from seed to harvest time. You wont find a seedbank as hardworking and reliable as us! We promise.

Grow Support

At our official online seedbank we also offer grow support and advice. You can find this at the forums when you click to go to our official seedbank.Free Marijuana Grow Bible

Free Marijuana Grow Book 

If you are interested in growing your own home grown cannabis plants but dont know how to start, then this is for you. We offer free marijuana grow books to all our customers and visitors. You dont even need to buy anything to get the free cannabis grow book we offer.

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